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The Senior Firewood Program is a volunteer activity that was established in 1979 to provide firewood to low-income seniors living in Western Nevada County. The purpose of the program is to help older adults, who are particularly susceptible to hypothermia, maintain their health and well-being with a supplemental source of heat.

The Senior Firewood Program is self-funded through the sale of oak and campfire bundles. Each year the number of clients served varies according to available resources (wood, wood sales, and volunteers). In a typical year, the program is able to serve 140 seniors. Each year varies based on the amount of wood the volunteers can split. The wood provided is a mixture of pine, fir and cedar and is delivered by volunteers using their private vehicles. The wood provided is intended to supplement other heating sources.

Seniors may qualify, if they meet all the following criteria:

  • A Nevada County resident living in the Greater Grass Valley area.
  • 65 years of age or older.
  • Lives alone or with another eligible senior.
  • Income eligable (provided by GCCS).

Between July 1 - August 15,  GCCS will accept applications for the Senior Firewood Program. Applications received after August 15th, will be placed on a waiting list. All prospective seniors (new and returning) will be interviewed to determine their eligibility and need. Our goal is to serve those seniors most in need.

Seniors who receive wood from this program, may request one load of wood every three weeks and a maximum of 1.5 cords per season, as our supply lasts.

Deliveries are made September through October, while the wood lasts. Wood is not delivered during inclement weather and stacking services are not available.

Please contact Nicole at 615-4556, Monday - Friday, between 9:00am to 4:00pm for more information.


In order to provide firewood at no cost to low income seniors, GCCS sells a limited amount of oak firewood each season. The cost of this firewood is $300 per cord. The price includes delivery to those who live within 10 miles of Grass Valley. Call 615-4556 to place your order.


GCCS gladly accepts donated wood under the following conditions:

  • Trees must be down (we cannot fell trees).
  • Wood needs to be located within 10 miles of GV and accessible by vehicle.
  • We do not accept Digger Pine, kindling or remove slash; sorry!
  • Wood donations may be tax deductible - GCCS provides a thank you letter with the appropriate tax information.

To donate wood, call Gold Country Community Services at 615-4556.