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Simply Country - May 17, 2018

GCCS and Krista Putnam would like to thank Simply Country for their generous donation of $3000 worth of dog and cat food to our Pet Food Pantry Program. This gift will allow us to serve even more pets and seniors better. Thank you so much!

The Quest for a Senior Center in Nevada County - March 11, 2018

“I can’t drive through town without thinking of the possibilities,” said Sandy “Jake” Jacobson, executive director of the nonprofit Gold Country Community Services since 2011. For the past seven years, Jacobson has evaluated every recently-vacated building in western Nevada County. She’s looking for a senior

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Grass Valley Host Lions Club - March 1, 2018

Partnerships are a wonderful thing and our partnership with the Grass Valley Host Lions Club is a special one. Not only do we share a facility and a commitment to serve the community, but we also share a fondness for seniors and their pets.

However, on March 1st, the bonds we share grew stronger as the Host Lions sponsored 50 meals per month at our Senior Café. The government grant we receive stipulates we cannot charge an eligible senior. However, when the Federal government is open for business, these grants pay for only about half of the 8,200 meals we serve in our Café. Now with this generous support from the Host Lions, we can ensure that this important program can help more people to feel less hungry and isolated.

Grass Valley Foothill Lions Club - January 10, 2018

January 10th was a busy day for Gold Country Community Services. It started with breakfast and a presentation to the 49'er Breakfast Rotary followed by lunch and the receipt of a $1,000 gift from Grass Valley Foothill Lions Club. Thanks one and all for supporting our mission and programs. Above, GCCSs Executive Director, Sandy "Jake" Jacobson accepts a donation from Foothill Lions Club President, Ted Schoppe. 

Volunteer Appreciation - December 7, 2017

Today we had the privilege of stopping what we're doing for two hours and say thank you to our volunteers. Seriously, we couldn't do it without them. If we were to pay each volunteer for what he or she does, it would add $284,800 to a $500,000 budget. Personally, we think their efforts are priceless.

Thank you to all community service volunteers. Your helping hands truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Pet Food Pantry Golf Tournament - October 14, 2017

On a gorgeous Saturday morning, 48 wonderful pet loving golfers came out to help support the Gold Country Pet Food Pantry. We received about 600 lbs. of dry dog and cat food, assorted cans of cat food, litter, beds, leashes, etc. "The raffle was fun, my helpers were amazing as usual and the country club staff is always helpful and accommodating" said Krista Putnam, Pet Food Pantry Coordinator. "We had so many golfers, we ran out of carts.  Crazy!  But in a good way.  All in all it was a great success!"

A special thank you to Krista Putnam, the Grass Valley Host Lions, Knights Paint, Nevada County Country Club, sponsors, volunteers, and to all who participated.-

Winter Firewood Distribution - 2017

Kudos to the 49’er Breakfast Rotary, Nevada County Contractors’ Association, Nevada Union High School and all of the private volunteers who responded to our plea to help deliver firewood to seniors this winter season. GCCS was in a pinch and needed help delivering needed firewood to our clients. GCCS coordinated three separate delivery events and there was a fantastic response from volunteers showing up to help load or make deliveries with their private vehicles. We delivered 87.5 cords of firewood to seniors in need in Nevada County at these events. We couldn't have done it without you! 

3rd Annual End of Summer Bash - September 16, 2017

We would like to thank our amazing sponsors: Rincon del Rio, Event Helper, Sierra Foothills Construction Company, Network Design Associates, Craig Johnson Plumbing, Dignity Health, Northern California Mortgage, Dish-Don Adams Antenna Satellite Services, Baird Financial-The Lee & Dunn Group, Jardin del Rio, Mill Street Clothing, KNCO, The Union, Byers, B&C Home & Garden Center, Absolute Communication Solutions, Cranmer Engineering, Hills Falt Lumber, Erika Muenzer, Glennie Andrews, Baskin Robins, Beach Hut Deli, Caroline's Coffee, Courtyard Suites, Culture Shock Gold Miners Inn, Nevada City Winery, Olive Groove, Sierra Mt. Coffee Roasters, Sierra Plumbing Supply, Sierra Starr Winery, Sierra Theaters, and SPD Markets.

Naggiar Vineyards and Winery - June 24, 2017

We are so grateful to Mike & Diane Naggiar and all of the staff Naggiar Vineyards and Winery for hosting a raffle to benefit Gold Country Community Services. We also want those who attended to know that their generosity will help us ensure vital programs such as Meals on Wheels is there for our homebound seniors. Great venue, great event and great cause!

Received Meals on Wheels America Grant For Our Pet Food Pantry - June 14, 2017

We were awarded $2,500 from Meals on Wheels of America in support of our Pet Food Pantry....yeah! This is the 5th time we have received this grant and it provides about half of the funding we need to keep this program going for another year. And thank you to Krista, our volunteer Pet Food Fairy, who makes sure our home-bound clients have what they need to take care of their furry friends.

Addressing Food Insecurity Among Seniors - Over the past three years, United Way of Nevada County allocated $53,350 to senior food programs.

According to a 2015 study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, California is a leading state in which seniors have become among “the hidden poor.” The study found that nearly 1 in 5, or about 772,000 of California’s older adults, cannot afford basic needs such as food, housing, transportation and health care. However they often do not qualify for assistance. According to an Area 4 Agency on Aging census, there are over 28,000 seniors living in Nevada County.

Many of the seniors served by Nevada County’s Gold Country Community Services’ Meals on Wheels program do not always have enough money to buy food. They eat fewer than 2 meals a day and eat very few fruits & vegetables. Seniors in the Truckee area who are serviced by Nevada County’s Sierra Senior Services not only have a difficult time affording food, but during the winter have a difficult time getting to locations that provide food in bad weather conditions. United Way of Nevada County views these senior food insecurity issues as a community problem and has focused efforts on helping to make a positive change for this population of the “hidden poor.”

Over the last several years, United Way of Nevada County has been supporting two partner agencies offering major programs in Nevada County that are helping to alleviate some of the struggles that some seniors face. One of the programs provides seniors with emergency food bags; the other provides frozen food to seniors on weekends and holidays when meals aren’t normally delivered. Due to the funding received from United Way of Nevada County, Sierra Senior Services, located in eastern Nevada County, will now be able to deliver emergency food bags to over 280 seniors considered living at risk during the winter of 2016/2017. The bags will contain meals that were specially designed for seniors, consisting of items low in sodium and saturated fats with a shelf-stable life, and water. The emergency food bags will be delivered to a geographic area of over 862 square miles.

With the support of United Way funds, the second program, a Gold Country Community Services program serving western Nevada County, has helped to improve senior’s lives by adding a frozen meal service to the Meals on Wheels program. This program provides frozen meals to home-bound seniors with the greatest need. With the frozen meal program, seniors who qualify for the Meals and Wheels program but cannot get meals on the weekends now have food in their freezers to help during the weekends and on holidays.

This year, United Way of Nevada County allocated a portion of the United Way Community Impact Fund to help seniors who face food insecurity. While working to make an impact in the community, over the past three years United Way of Nevada County has allocated more than $53,350 from the Community Impact Fund to programs that address seniors struggling with food insecurity. United Way’s current service priority is to strive to assure that individuals in Nevada County are able to meet their basic need for food, emergency shelter and access to health care.  

By United Way of Nevada County

40th Anniversary Celebration & Chamber Mixer - Jan. 19, 2017

Thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary & Chamber Mixer on January 19th. We all had a wonderful time! Click on the link below to view the celebration. Compliments from Machen MacDonald, Greater Grass Valley Chamber Board Member.

Thank You Gold Country Kennel Club & Simply Country - January 2017

Gold Country Community Services is excited to announce that it has received several gifts of dog food that were initiated by a large donation from the Gold Country Kennel Club to support the Gold Country Pet Food Pantry, (PFP), a service that assists seniors who receive home delivered meals.

The call came into our pantry hot line from Chana Chittock at Simply Country (the main supplier for the PFP) that there was a donation purchased for us to pick up. This turned out to be from the local dog club, Gold Country Kennel Club under the direction of Chuck Teasley and Linda Emmanuel. It was quite a load to fit in one car but Krista, the program’s coordinator, piled her little car, high on the back seat, down on the floor boards and in the trunk as well, with bags and bags of Diamond Brand “grain free” dog foods in “easy to deliver” bags.

But Chana had more in store for us. Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Fromm's, and Acana donated dog food as well. Thanks again to Simply Country for facilitating all this activity and going beyond what a business would normally do!!

This is truly a blessing to all the dog owners enrolled in the PFP and appreciated more than anyone could possibly understand. This insures that our clients can feed and care for their best friends, keeping them together as long as possible. These pets are their whole lives, their confidants, protection, therapy, and support systems. They really do deserve the best.

Thank you again, Gold Country Kennel Club and Simply Country, for starting a movement. From the tips of our noses, to the pads on our toes, we are doing the happy doggie dance!!!

Signed, Shiloh J. Bordercollie
Spokesdog for the Gold Country Pet Food Pantry and experienced columnist for Grass Valley Host Lions

Christmas Meals - December 23, 2016

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses and many others who made cash contributions for our Meals on Wheels Clients who were homebound and alone for Christmas. They received a wonderful meal, while GCCS staff enjoyed the holiday with their family and friends!

Pet Food Pantry Christmas Delivery - December 20, 2016

Thank you to Simple Country for going out of its way in providing our Meals on Wheels Clients' pets with food and an adorable stuffed animal for the holiday season. Keeping seniors and their pets together!

Holiday Celebration - December 7, 2016

Thank you to all who came out to help us celebrate the Holidays and our 40th Anniversary at the newly renovated LOVE Building. A special thank you to the Forever Young Chorus and Briar Patch!

Fun & Games at the Second Annual End of Summer Bash - September 16, 2016

Thank you to Rincon del Rio and Jardin del Rio for being our host sponsor for our second annual End of Summer Bash. Our hosts Carol, Jim and Aubree provided a beautiful venue, a delicious meal, bountiful beverages and a truly hopping dance band. The event was action-packed and featured piglet races, a hungry hippo contest, RC boat time trials, corn hole, ladder ball, bucket pong, live auction and great raffle prizes.

We would also like to thank our amazing sponsors The Event Helper, Dollar General, Dignity Health - Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Mill Street Clothing Co., Tri-Counties Bank, Telestream, C.A.S.E Contracting Inc., Cranmer Engineering Inc., Craig Johnson Plumbing, Forest Springs Mobilehome Community, Century 21 - Davis Reality, Inc., Hills Flat Lumber, Amethyst Medical Group, Atria Grass Valley, Sierra Knolls Winery, Monkey Cat Restaurant, The Union and to everyone who attended. The event raised much needed funds for Meals on Wheels, Senior Firewood and other essential services.

Ribbon Cutting Celebration at the LOVE Building - August 23, 2016

Thank you to everyone for attending the re-opening of the newly rehabilitated LOVE Building. We appreciate your support and being a witness to the start of a new chapter in Gold Country Community Services' history. What a great new beginning!

Gold Country Pet Food Pantry Golf Tournament - May 7, 2016

As I looked out at the clouds, my mood got worse. It's gonna rain. Nobody will show up. The golf tournament for the pet food pantry will be a disaster. Yikes...

I loaded my car anyway and my husband jumped in the truck that was already laden with raffle gifts and goodie bags for the players. Off we went to Nevada County Country Club. We had 44 registered players, and I hoped 20 would come. We had cooked two turkeys for lunch and were figuring out how to use all the leftovers we would have. Oh is what it is (not to mention, I love leftover turkey).

So the day started out dismally, but by the time 39 players arrived with bags of parrot, bunny, dog and cat food, kitty litter, dog and cat beds, collars, leashes, toys and a sweater that will fit a Basset Hound, and went out to play, we were a HUGH success.

We received more than 300 lbs. of food and supplies, raffle prizes, as well as other donations from so many wonderful people and businesses that it made our hearts do flip flops. What an awesome, "amazing community we live in". This will keep a vital part of the Meals on Wheels Program on its "paws" for a little while.

Thanks to EVERYONE that participated in ANY way in this fabulous event! It was so much fun, even though it was a tad bit soggy.  By Krista and Shiloh J BorderCollie, Chairperson and Chairdog of the Gold Country Pet Food Pantry Golf Tournament

Community Champions Week - March 21st - 25th, 2016

Gold Country Community Services wants to publicly recognize and thank Hank Weston - District 4 Supervisor, Howard Levine - Vice Major of Grass Valley, Jan Arbuckle & Ben Aguilar – Grass Valley City Council, Robert Bergman - Nevada City Council, Jim Hemig - Publisher of The Union, and Robin Galvin-Davies - CEO, Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce for supporting the 2016 March for Meals. These elected officials and prominent figures made time in their busy schedules to participate in our Meals on Wheels Community Champions Week (March 21-25).  As recognizable and strong community leaders, they all volunteered to use their positions to help us raise public awareness about the vital need and importance of home delivered meals. This is the first year that GCCS joined the campaign.

All across the country, Meals on Wheels programs enlisted Community Champions to deliver meals and raise awareness about the importance of home delivered meals. Since 2002, Meals on Wheels of America has led the March for Meals in an effort to fill the gap between the seniors served and those in need, in which this has brought enrollment for GCCS at an all-time high.

March for Meals/Appreciation March - March 15, 2016

In celebration of the 14th Annual March for Meals, Gold Country Community Services hosted an Appreciation March. Volunteers and staff went out in the community with balloons and cookies to publically acknowledge the many local businesses that have supported us this past year.

GCCS would like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers who participated in this event!

Volunteer Celebration - December 10, 2015

What a great turnout that we had for our 2015 Volunteer Celebration! The GCCS Board of Directors and Staff would like to thank Yvonne Harlabakis at Eskaton Village for hosting this wonderful event, which included a delicious buffet breakfast prepared by Chef Clay.

A thank you to our guest speaker Kristina McLean from 2-1-1. We would also like to thank Riebe’s who assisted with providing recognition gifts and Sysco, Mike Ruggles & David Caddy who donated the fantastic raffle prizes.

Also a big thank you to all our volunteers who consistently give your time and energy to support our Meals on Wheels and the Senior Firewood Program. Your service is invaluable and we cannot tell you how much you are appreciated!

Firewood Distribution Days - Oct. 4th & 17th, 2015

Thank you to all of you who came out and helped us deliver firewood to our senior clientele on October 4th & 17th. A huge thank you to the Bear River and NU Football players who helped load all the trucks and trailers on Oct. 4th. We also want to thank UPS and Byers LeafGuard for making special deliveries of firewood on their day off. Last but not least we want to thank Diego's Restaurant for providing sandwich vouchers for those who volunteered themselves and their pick-ups. Thanks to all of you, nearly all of our clients are ready for winter.

End of Summer Bash - September 19, 2015

Thank you to our sponsors (Rincon del Rio, The Union, Baird Financial, Hills Flat Lumber and to everyone who attended our End of Summer Bash on September 19, 2015. A fundraiser for Meals on Wheels, Senior Firewood and other essential services.

It was a very successful event for us! Everyone had a fun time playing horseshoe pitch, corn hole, ladder ball, seed spitting, RC racing and a poker run.

We also enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Rincon Del Rio and music from the Jim Wright Band. Sandy “Jake” Jacobson, Executive Director, announced the winners and raffle prizes. Congratulations to Baird Financial in being the overall winner of the games!

Later that evening we enjoyed an evening of dancing.

"Get Into the Act"

Our Friendship Wednesday lunch on May 27, 2015 was our National Older American's Month celebration.

Executive Director, Sandy "Jake" Jacobson gave a warm, informative welcome, including some entertaining flashbacks, followed by an inspirational talk by Toastmaster Chuck Coovert. We also celebrated May birthdays - with cherry pie, ice cream, and lots of happy nostalgia. Many attended dressed as they did in the 1950s and 60s. We enjoyed having special guests from Golden Empire Convalescent Hospital (Diana Delago and Mary Jane Parker) as well.  Golden Empire Convalescent Hospital kindly donates and delivers a beautiful birthday cake each month.  It was our pleasure to invite them to share lunch and pie with us - and say "thanks" personally.

Derby Day a Success! - May 2015

An event filled day in Western Nevada County, Atria Grass Valley personnel were thrilled to see so many people turn out for their Derby Day Party/Fundraiser which was being held for the benefit of DVSAC and Gold Country Community Services. It was an action packed event consisting of live music, live horses, hobby horse races, hat competitions and a contest between local bartenders to create the best mint julep. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who helped make this event a success!